Narrative Essay About Dance

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Ever since i was young i fell in love with the art of dance. When i finally joined i felt like i was a little behind hence everyone was in my class was dancing since they were toddlers. My first day of dance was pretty nerve racking. My teacher would say to do something and i wouldn't know what to do because i didn't know any dance vocabulary. I would have to look around and try to fit in as much as possible so my teacher wouldn't think i wasn't fit for the class. Few weeks went on and i start catching up i was going home looking up videos and looking up vocabulary so every time i went back to practice i would improve more and more. When i first started dance it was hard because i wasn't as strong, flexible, or and experienced as the other…show more content…
What if i forget the dance? What if i mess up? When do i walk on stage? Somehow i made though recital week without making a single error. It was a big experience for me in my life because of all the responsibility i was given i had to make sure i was ready and dressed wearing the write thing for each of the 5 dances i did. I had to learn how to put away my fear of being in front of so many people.
Growing up i was never too close to my mother. We never really talked or hung out. Since i joined dance it gives us something to bond over while she drives me to dance or drives me home we talk about what i learned i show her skills i'm progressing on and she comes to most of my performances. She thinks dance is a good fit for me and is happy about how happy dance makes me.
When i first started dance 4 years ago i wasn't as flexible as i am now. I could get my right splits and do a backbend. Now i can do all my splits and back hand spring and much more. It has made me gain a lot of muscle and improved my health. When i was younger i got lymes disease from a tick when i was p north. Lymes disease sticks with you throughout your life. It makes you tired have spurts of fatigue. It has made dance a little harder but now that i have been in dance for 4 years it takes a lot more for lymes disease to affect
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