Narrative Essay About Dancing

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It was the morning of September 2nd when I found out the scary news. My heart sank when I was told what needed to be done. One winter day, I felt this sharp pain in my leg. I thought I just hit my leg up against something. No marks or cuts were on the spot of my leg was hurting and the pain would go away and come back over time, so I did not tell anyone because it did not see like it was a big deal. That was a mistake. My whole life I have been a dancer, and to me, nothing is better than dancing. This pain bothered me when I would dance. I was not able to lift up my leg and when I tried, it would just give out. Overtime, the pain went away. A few months passed and I was dancing just fine. It was now August and the pain randomly came back. I thought I hit my leg on something in the same spot but still, there was no bruise. It was my freshmen year and I was taking Beginning Dance. When it started, it was exciting until the pain overruled my excitement. This time, I could barely pick up my leg or walk. I finally stepped up and told my mom. When I told her,…show more content…
I have never been so scared in my life but whatever kept me dancing is what I was going to do. We checked in and they already had my room ready and I had to put on this ugly dress and ugly hair net. I laid in the bed and the doctor came in to get me. I remember crying in my bed saying goodbye to my family and watching their eyes water up. Finally, the bed started rolling and we went through the doors of the surgery room. I was ready to jump out of that bed and and run back to my family and just leave. The doctor started telling me about the sleeping mask and what I needed to do. He said to take the deepest breaths I can because the bigger the breaths, the faster I would go to sleep. The mask was finally on and he kept talking then my whole body went numb and I could not leave my eyes open for another second. Before I knew it, I was dead
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