Early College High School Narrative

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Slowly and reluctantly, I began to open my eyes. I turned to reach over for my obnoxious phone on my nightstand. 6:30, was such an ungodly time to wake up. I hated waking up. I wasn’t ready. My stomach turned, as I slid off the bed and groggily walked my way to the bathroom to get ready. I worked hard to get where I was. I didn’t want to go, but I knew there was no going back to that hell. I walked into a room with people of different ages and backgrounds. I didn’t know anyone. It was the first day of the term. I took a seat and took out a notebook and pencil. Then I simply waited for the professor to show up. About a year before, I was a sophomore in high school. My father and I sat down on those uncomfortable foldable metal chairs. Across from us was my geometry teacher. It was parent-teacher conferences. My father and her talked about me for about five minutes. Everything was fine, until she turned to me and asked, “You should think about joining the Early College High School (ECHS) program. I think you’ll do great.” I wished she would had never said that. As I was about to reply, I was interrupted by my father. “What is Early College High School?” Oh God, I just want to go home. After 10 excuating minutes, my father walked out with a new life plan for me. That night, I sat through my father’s enriched…show more content…
I was smart, but I wouldn’t call myself a genius. Even I still hated high school. There were mountains of homework, endless stress, unfair grades given on report cards, judgemental and rude students, which compiled into 5 days of with nothing but misery, each single week. The teachers were no help either. It was like they were constantly out to get you. They would always pick on the students who did not know the answer, and they were fully aware of it. The students would be made a fool of in class. Not only that, but they would fail to educate us. However, as much of a hell high school was, I didn’t want to
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