Personal Narrative: My Journey To Fall Play

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My 10th grade year was the year I had first decided to join fall play. After auditions were announced my friend Emma asked if I would like to audition with her. We had discussed joining fall play the previous year, but at the time, nothing had come of it. This year, however, Emma was determined. She had quit soccer, and for the first time since she was five, needed an extracurricular to fill up her time. I was not opposed to auditioning for the play, I love theater and I had been in many productions beforehand. The issue, however, was that I had never once been in a play. It came to be the week before auditions and I still had not signed up, then, that night I received a text from Emma. It read, “Are you going to need a ride home from auditions…show more content…
I walked in confidently and taken the stage grabbing the directed script in my sweaty palms. They then directed me to read the part as a character but the twist was, I would know nothing about the character, and I had to make up one on my own. The first character they had me read went okay. It was nothing special but it suitable. The second character was where the issue arose. They wanted me to read for a male character but I could not act it as a boy and I needed to create an entirely new character. I had a million thoughts racing through my head at that moment. I had no clue what to do with my hands or what intonation to use. My reading was flat, lifeless, and thoroughly unentertaining. The two directors scribbled down notes and politely told me that my audition was over and that I could send in the next person. My first day of fall play was terrifying. There is no way of twisting it, I had no clue what to expect. Emma and I walked into the auditorium and deposited our things on some chairs. The directors walked in and informed us that before practice began we were to wait outside the auditorium. Leaving our stuff on the chairs, we made our way out to the tables that were set up and unceremoniously climbed on top of one, claiming it as our own for the remainder of the production. Our friend John soon joined us and we waited until one of our two student directors gave the okay to go
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