Narrative Essay About Family Vacation

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Its January and I’m sitting there in front of the computer and I’m asking myself, “Is this agood idea? Can a family vacation for 13 turn out good?” Not to pat myself in the back for this but, yes! It became one of the trips I will always remember and hold dear to my heart for the years to come. Ruiz party of 13 embarked on its first full family vacation, spring break 2016. The13 of us packed two cars and went on our merry way. Firstly, planning the trip was no easy task but I was up for the challenge. Secondly, what made this such an amazing trip was the element offamily. Thirdly, the memories made that week will last us a life time. To begin, planning a family trip for 13 isn’t as easy as it sounds. I started with an iron clad itinerary which no one could alter.…show more content…
The parks planned to go too were a mix of Disney and a split trip to SeaWorld and Universal. Then lots of R&R at the hotel.Additionally, spending time with family means the world to many. Often times we get so lost in work, school and just generally life that we forget to make time for what’s important. In my family we are seven kids and six adults. We were clearly outnumbered this time. I recall being in a crowded St. Augustine and doing a head count for the kids every chance I had. We went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not and it goes without saying that I could not believe it, my family really enjoyed the exhibits. To exit you had to cross through a tunnel that felt like you were being transported to a different dimension. Writing it now it makes sense, it was a way of transferring us from the dimension of Ripley’s to the real world. Real clever Ripley’s. As soon aswe stepped out we hoped on the train. Which the whole family loved, because it took us on a ridearound the town. Furthermore, we formed extra close bonds that week that haven’t left us. As a Result, the family bonding we had created many memories. For my nieces it was thefirst time they went to
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