Narrative Essay About Fear

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Fear--one of the worst emotions you can ever experience. My greatest fear happened to be heights. Being a 6’5” freshman, you would think that would eliminate my fear of heights being as tall as I am. That wasn't the case for me. I hated my fear more than big chunks of tomatoes in chili, or the engine service light on in your car. But I was determined to conquer my fear.
I was at Adventureland during the summer looking up at the most terrifying ride I could ever imagine the Space Shot. Since I hated heights, this one particularly scared the living daylights out of me. I had to go on it, because all of my friends were going to ride it and I couldn't wuse out. As we waited while the ride before us got off hearing them scream “that was fun” or “that was the best view ever” I had to do it, I had to get on that ride and try to eliminate my fear of heights.
Nervously, I sat in my seat and buckled up and tried to relaxed. My muscles were tense my body was shaking and the adrenaline rush of
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Wind brushing off my hair, defying gravity. As we reached the top I could see all the other rides and the carts taking them through the twist and turns of a roller coaster I could see the train that went in and out the theme park. The brand new Monster ride that had hundreds of people waiting to be thrilled on the straight horizontal rise and drop. Happiness I felt like that was the only emotion that existed at the top of this ride. Looking down at the kids running around on the splash pads cooling off. The smiles on faces of people getting of rides. Families with there little kids sitting on the chair ride that transported you through half of the park with cotton candy in there hands and dads eating carnival peanuts looking over all the beautiful parks and ponds of adventureland. The big dog costume taking pictures and selfies with kids. Families walking out of shops with new clothing like beach shirts, hawaiian hats and
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