Narrative Essay About Fishing Research Paper

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One day I was at the beach in Cayucos when my friend Cole came over at first we were just going do nothing but play video games and watch movies but then Cole had the idea to go down to the pier, I thought that it was a great idea. So we asked my mom if we could go down to the pier. She said “ Sure just don’t get in trouble.” So she gave us some money and we were on our way. While we were on our way there discovered a weird jellyfish. We also saw Dolphins. They almost looked as if they were riding the waves or surfing. After that we went to the tide pools and Cole had found a small fish we picked it up looked at it and then put it back down into the water. After that we had found a big crab. It was about two feet long and It’s Snap sounded like an airplane engine. And after that we went back to the city. Something else we did was that we went to lunch at small place called grill by the sea. Cole and I had fish and chips and they were awesome but Cole got to eat free because they messed up his meal twice. After that we went to a candy store and since we had a lot of spare change we had a real fun time there. Cole ordered birthday cake ice cream while I had Chocolate and Vanilla. We bought some black licorice for Cole’s dad, Chocolate for my mom, and Dr. pepper jelly beans for my Dad. Furthermore, my mom picked us up and we went back to…show more content…
Although that warm and cute animal made us warm we were quickly felt bad because a wave taller than a school bus came rolling at us Cole didn 't want to mess with it so he started to run back but soon was avalanched by roaring water. But I was being brave that day and I thought that I could ride that wave, well I was wrong I flip over my boogie landed on my feet and kept tumbling. Then I said “No pain no gain.” Then puffed said yeah I would rather Yeah after that we went
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