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The locker room was silent, no one dared to say anything for five long excruciatingly minutes. Each and everyone listening to the sorrow pounding out of their hearts. The team was expected to play in their biggest game yet, but there was one problem, their star running back was injured, the running back who carried the team, so naturally there was an anticipation of losing this game, but they couldn’t, the football team they were going up against was also lossless, this game would decide who advances in the playoffs. Not to mention it 's all anyone would talk about at school, everyone was counting on them to bring a win home. How do you win when you 're so lost and the trail is nowhere insight. So as the football coach gave his pep talk it was hopeless, No mattered how hard he…show more content…
No one can afford to slack off, everyone has a role to play, and in order to win everyone has to be held accountable.” he finished off with plain voice that contained no emotion. The players weren 't fools, they could see right through him,his voice flat there was no heart in the way he spoke, he didn’t believe they could win, most of all he didn’t believe in them at all. How were they suppose to win when a man who was suppose to be the pinnacle of hope and inspiration for the team had even lost faith in them. That was an agonizing feeling to be considered defeated before even playing the game. They looked at the clock which was ticking away the time until they lost their pride, and all throughout the time in the locker room the football players continued to feel this soul-crushing pressure that lingered throughout the air, a pressure to perform to the best of their ability, but how could they when there best player was out. So eventually the players mustered up the courage and plastered a battle face on, they stood up walked to the middle chanted a prayer, then dragged their cleats along the floor scuffing it up in the process and went to fight a war that they already deemed they

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