Fourth Grade Reflection Essay

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When I was in the fourth grade I began struggling on focusing on my homework and classwork. It was a hard time for me because I had been great at school. My teacher who had decided she was a doctor called my mom and told her I was special needs and that I needed to to not be in her class, all because I wouldn't focus on reading a book. My mom didn't want to give up on me and was going to help me succeed.

What that teacher said prompted many doctors appointments and tests and speech therapies. That is a lot for a fourth grader to take on. One doctor told my mom I had aspergers and that I would never make it anywhere just as my teacher had told me. My mom was not going to take that answer, she took me to a specialist who diagnosed me with something else. What this doctor diagnosed me with fit much better and explained a lot to my mom and I.
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I was the youngest in the class because of how smart I was. I was younger than everyone else in the class because I was more ahead of them. I got straight A’s in school and my teachers always praised me on how smart I was until I got to my Fourth grade teacher who told me I would never make it. This teacher made me feel bad for who I was and would kick me out for not focusing on her work or for “Disrupting” her class. When I went to the doctor who diagnosed me for what I really had I was diagnosed with Severe ADHD which means my brain works very fast and makes it so I don't stay focused on one thing. It is what made me so smart because I could work on multiple things at once. I had to try out different medicines and do lots of different types of testing to find the missing pieces. I went back to school and fished the year off and my teacher was in shock of how far Id come. I got A’s in all my classes that
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