Narrative Essay About Gone With The Wind

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It was December 2002 and I went to Washington for winter break. I was visiting my older sister and her husband, who at the time lived in Whidbey Island, WA. I was 13 years old. My teachers didn’t assign any homework or reading assignments for my class while on winter vacation; it was truly the most wonderful time of the year. I was excited to spend my vacation hanging out with my sister, playing in the snow, and exploring this new place. My time in Whidbey Island was so much fun and memorable it’s the place that made me fall in love with the state of Washington and it’s also the place where I first watched Gone with the Wind, a movie that changed my perception of classic films. During my first week there I woke up to snow flurries it was truly beautiful. Due to the snow my sister decided we would stay in, watch movies, and bake cookies; I was so excited. We made our cookies which made the house smell wonderful. We grabbed blankets and hot cocoa, I then plopped down on the couch as she put in a DVD. I asked her “what movie is it?” and she said, “A classic, Gone with the Wind.” “But why?” I asked. She said, “because…show more content…
Being in Washington with my sister and having Kielbasa for the first time was an amazing experience in itself, but watching this film changed my perspective on classic films. I was so closed minded about older films at the time, Gone with the Wind really changed that for me. It was a film I became passionate about. It was the first time I had seen a movie that didn’t have a traditional happy ending; that moved me. I had some many opinions throughout the film and felt so many emotions, that at the time, no film had ever made me feel before. This experience taught me to be open-minded about films and now most of my favorite movies are classic Hollywood films. Gone with the Wind and kielbasa on a snowy day in Washington has been my most memorable film experience to this
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