Hermit Crabs In My Life

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Sometimes in life our foolish and unreasonable choices lead to avoidable consequences. I have loved animals my whole life and have always wanted to have multiple pets at a time. One silly decision I made while on vacation with my family led to a responsibility and icky experience that was way over my head. This crabby situation I got myself into at the beach is an interesting one, but I would not take it back in a heartbeat because sometimes bad decisions lead to great stories. Several years ago, when I was in the fifth grade, I went on vacation to Hilton Head Island with my family. The amazing trip was coming to a close when my friend, Julia, texted me saying she was at Hilton Head too. She was on a yearly vacation with her family, and she just so happened to be staying in the same…show more content…
The hermit crabs started to annoy and frighten me when they began fighting each other. I was afraid one would kill the other because I didn’t know that I had two male hermit crabs, and males are extremely aggressive towards each other. Still, I tolerated them even though I was tempted to release them into the fields that surround my house. Continuing to wake me up at night, the hermit crabs served as a constant reminder that I wasted my money as they crawled around on the multi-colored, obnoxious, and loud pebbles in their tank. What really set me off was when I went to feed and check on them one night and saw that one of the hermit crabs was completely out of its shell and dead. Its tail was slimy and curled, and it was bunched into a ball. It was such a horrible and horrific sight causing me to scream and gag. My dad had to scoop it out with a paper cup, then he had to scoop out the other one a few days later when I realized that it had died too. Never again would I ever get hermit crabs or anything similar to such a

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