Narrative Essay About High School Band

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Music has always been a big part of my life, so when I devoted a year of practice to making a program and didn’t make it I was heartbroken. Ever since I first heard of the all-district band in seventh grade, I have worked and tried to get into it. In eight grade I got my first opportunity to try out for all-district band and I was extremely nervous and excited. I had spent countless hours memorizing scales and learning my solo and I even got private lessons for a bit to help learn everything. The day of the tryout came and I went in the scales room and choked up. When I went into the next room to do my solo audition, I broke down crying and was sent out. When I felt a little better I came back in and played my solo. The judge then asked me…show more content…
I taught five students, two trumpets, two French horns, and one baritone. I worked very hard with these students who didn’t know their scales, how their solos went, or what to expect out of an audition. In that week I helped them memorize their scales, I worked very hard on their solos and I held little mock auditions with them. After a week of hard work, three of my kids made district in some way. My baritone student made the band, one of my French horns made an alternate seat, and one of my trumpets made an alternate seat. I was extremely proud of them for making it even though I still did not make district. That week was the week I also decided I wanted to become a band director because watching the kids progress with my help and listen so intently to my advice and need my help and support made me feel really good. This year is my final year to try out for district and I am going to give it my all again with the highest hopes of making it, but I am also going to try my hardest to help the freshman in my section again to make it and help anyone else who wants or needs help with audition
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