Personal Narrative-Best Player In The 68

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Everyday I (Matt Hanoj) wake up rolls out of bed and goes to school. But now I’m on break so I only have hockey. The Central District camp just finished up and I made the team. Next summer I will be going to Rochester for another camp in which I might be picked to play on the NTDP or USA junior team. In two days I’m right back at it in the 68. The 68 is a combine and tournament where they take the best 68 players in the country and make 4 teams. I’m extremely nervous nervous because I’m going up against some if the most robust players in the country. I’m not supposed to say that though with the title “best player in the country”. It comes with a lot of stress because if you don’t show up everyday playing your absolute best people will talk…show more content…
The coaches tested our speed, endurance, determination, etc. They goalies worked on some skating and reading plays from what it looked like. After the on ice combine we headed to the locker rooms and got ready for the off ice combine. They off ice combine felt like forever, but it is essential for the scouts to complete their report. We got tested on squats, lifting, vertical, sprints, etc. When the combine was done I looked at the itinerary and saw lunch was next. I got with my team and we all sat together on the huge bus and rode off to the hotel. The hotel was bustling with business men, all who were probably there for a conference. We went over to one of the couches and started introducing ourselves to one another. Lunch was being catered at the hotel that day so we walked over to Conference Room C where lunch was being held. There was assortments of pasta, salad, chicken, varios meats, and soup. All the kids sat together at one big oak table. The food was mouth watering (yeah it was that good) and the conversations were short. About a half hour into the lunch one of the coaches stood up. His name was Justin Lewandowski, and he was a great coach. Justin was my coach from the Europe team I played for. His speech was short and sweet just like the conversations around. He introduced himself and some of the other coaches, all who were very enthusiastic about being there. The tournament started that night so immediately after lunch we went to discuss game plans. We were playing Team Red for our first game. We could win this game
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