How To Write A Narrative Essay About My First Day Of School Life

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Phonics was my first homeschool experience. I remember sitting in the backseat of our family vehicle going on a road trip listening to a song about Ally Alligator and learning all the sounds of the phonetic alphabet. I have been in a learning environment from the time I was born. My mother taught in a way that was fun and gave me a love of reading as soon as I could breathe. As such, it is hard to remember what was “school” and what was just “life.” In truth, the only element distinguishing between life and homeschool is that one requires a transcript. “From birth” is when I am told, when my parents remember my first day of school. My first memory of something resembling conventional school was doing my language in the living room. I was constantly trying to grasp the written English language, but once I did there was no hesitation in my pursuit of knowledge. Every book I could check out of the library or pull off the shelves was…show more content…
While I had a certain syllabus, I had been put in near full control of my school, and all I had to do was show my completed work. Being independent, began to teach how to schedule my time correctly as I would soon learn is a necessity in dual credit college courses. Flexibility also became a good asset when I started working at a nearby Christian Camp. My boss loves that I could work nearly anytime because I had such an accommodating schedule. Even moving twelve hours across the state of Texas was not consequential as far as school was concerned, I already had everything I needed to finish what was started and there was no delay in learning. This unconventional type of education up to now has prepared me for college, college will prepare me for a career, a career allows me to do the work God has planned. Love, live, and learn, these are the essentials that I have learned during this road trip that started out with a simple Ally

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