Narrative Essay On Ice Fishing

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It was the middle of january in the cold thirty to thirty-five degrees with a bone chilling breeze from the north, and the christmas break is almost over, there is only enough time to go ice fishing one more time. Not only is christmas break almost over but ice fishing season is too. It was my Brother(Matthew),My Grandpa, a friend of mine with the name of Dale and I on this fishing trip. The fishing trip included a 1 night stay in the ice shack that my father had bought from a neighbor 's garage sale for a good deal, this shack is built from oak slabs, it has a wood burning fireplace and 5 holes in the floor perfect for my family and friends the only thing that I could say was wrong with it was the window from the north side of the shack had…show more content…
When swiftly the door the door opens with ease I run to the bell hoping that the fish had still been hooked.Letting out some line just so I could set the hook into the top or walls of his mouth, which I smoothly did...and I was hooked, hooked up to a huge fish I was hoping for Any ways, I have never hook a fish with the energy like this one. It was pulling me and my rod down into the whole. The rod surprisingly help up to the power of the fish. By the time I brought it to the hole it had been over ten minutes of pulling and jerking the with that fish to bring it to the hole that my brother had drilled twenty minutes before I had brought it there. Once the fish got close enough to the hole my Grandpa had grabbed it by the the outer skin of the gills to get it out of the eight inch hole which the fish barely fit threw
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