Narrative Essay About Lacrosse Game

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The day I had been waiting for for so long had finally arrived; the first day of the high school lacrosse season was finally here. That day was the day I needed to prove to my coaches that I deserved to be on the varsity team after not making it at tryouts. That day was a scrimmage at High Velocity, we were scheduled to play four games all in one day, against Saline, Okemos, Brighton, and Belleville. I woke up that day excited, I couldn’t wait to actually be playing lacrosse again. My breakfast was the same as any other morning, a bowl of cereal and some yogurt. After breakfast I ran a quick routine check of my lacrosse bag. As soon as I opened it, the smell of my pads hit me like a truck, even though I had been playing for two years at that point and should have been used to it by then. It smelled someone hadn’t showered in six months and had rolled in wet dog. On the way to High Velocity I kept thinking that I had the chance to become a freshman on the varsity team. Once I arrived I found where the team was waiting for the first game. When I walked up it was rather awkward because they were all upperclassmen and they all…show more content…
Coach Simmons told me I was starting this game. It was my first real shot to prove my worth. About two minutes into the game, there was an errant pass that rolled towards the sideline. I started to sprint to the ball, trying to beat the guy I was covering. I got to the ball first and started to scoop it up, however I didn't see the guy about to hit my side. He made contact as I was planting my right leg, and my knee twisted and i heard the loudest “POP” of my life. In an instant the worst pain of my life shot through my my body starting at my knee and I collapsed. I was helped off the field with the help of the Okemos lacrosse team; Mitchell Ringer, the JV coach, rushed over to see how I was, along with the trainer present. The trainer took a look at my knee and said the worst possible
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