Reflective Essay On My Literacy Journey

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I perceive literacy as the epitome of education and knowledge. Without literacy, the world would be like a pencil without lead, basically pointless. Putting ink on paper without any means of literacy knowledge is like depriving oneself of oxygen. I believe that literacy is the oxygen tank the world needs in order to survive.
My literacy journey started when I was four years old. During that time, my grandmother, Martina Elizabeth Moatshe, was a teacher at her pre-school. She helped me with regards to spelling, counting and English intonation. She believed that it was vital for one to be able to grasp certain concepts regarding language devices such as recognizing different literary elements [the protagonist and antagonist in the ‘Three Little Pigs’] and different literacy techniques [assonance and repetition with regards to nursery rhymes].
At the age of six, I graduated grade R and commenced grade one at Central Secondary School. My first year of school was unpleasant. I struggled with regards to spelling my surname correctly even though my grandmother drilled that technique in thoroughly. She would say: “Lebo just break it into syllables, MO-AT-SHE, it has three syllables”, and I still could not get it right. My cousin, Motheo Moatshe, would be the only one who was able to read and spell profoundly. During the two weeks in
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Grade eight and nine comprised of Computer Literacy classes, we were taught how to make use of Microsoft programmes. My journey through grade eight resulted in me putting extra effort with regards to my English subject, reason being the transition amongst doing English First Additional Language in primary and English Home language in high school caught up with me. However, the journey between grade nine and twelve had me excelling. At this stage, I was in the Van Huuysten’s Orators English team which assisted me with regards to writing effective speeches and being able to present
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