Narrative Essay About Losing Weight

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Losing weight especially for us girls, is something that’s almost constantly in our mind. Almost exactly a year ago losing weight was everything I had in mind. I was about 40 pounds over my ideal weight and completely out of shape. Tired and unhealthy I felt that all my confidence was gone, looking at the mirror was not a fun thing to do. I wouldn’t wear strappy shirts, tight anything and would never even consider a bathing suit. I was pretty miserable and going anywhere that involved getting dressed up was an extremely stressful and emotionally challenging task. I would hate myself for letting it get to that point! I wasn’t overweight my whole life. Before my twenties I was in a healthy 120 pounds weight which was great for someone who is 5’4. But college and office hours tuck the best of me and I saw myself with 40 extra pounds that I didn’t want in my life or my body.
After years of bad eating habits and not exercising at all, my body started to show on my bad eating habits. It
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I was trying to change years of bad eating habits and it was a lot harder that what I thought. I would start my week super healthy but by Thursday I was back to the old habits. I would lose a few pounds and then gain them right back. I was incredibly frustrated and had no idea what to do. So I started searching for other alternatives to make my weight loss journey easier. And…What came up? Duuh, weight loss pills!
I was so intrigued by them; the idea of a magic little pill that would make you lose all that extra weight while you sit on the couch is amazing! –Spoiler alert- That never happens!
So…in my weight loss journey I discovered that magic pills like those are very hard (if not impossible) to find. But, I was lucky enough to find one diet pill that actually made everything so much easier. You’ve probably heard the name mention before: Phen375. But you guys already knew that form the title (duuh) so let’s move on to the good
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