My Opinion Of My Life-Personal Narrative

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Lying awake last night, I realized that losing my voice was the worst. To make matters worse, it had to happen 3 days before my audition for a musical. All of this happened because of me over practicing my voice. Praticiting all day was probably not the best idea. The doctor said that my voice went out because I spend too much time practicing and eventually my throat got sore. The doctor also said that It's only going to take a few days. I was not ready for this because I had the most important audition of my life. The next day I went to school and told my friends about my situation. My friends included Lucas,Alex, and Maya. When I told them Lucas was laughing very loudly. “Come on dude, don't laugh. Can't you see that he just lost his voice,”…show more content…
“ Well for starters mark is not allowed to speak. He must rest his voice,” said Maya. “Well then how will he communicate with us,?” asked Lucas. Maya then took something out of her backpack. “ Here a notepad and a pen for you to write on,” said Maya. As I got the notepad I started writing on it. “ Oh, looks like mark is writing something,” said Lucas. I then handed the notepad to Alex. “ There's one thing that i forgot to tell you guys. No one must know that I lost my voice because then I can get disqualified for the audition,” read Alex out loud from the notepad. “ wait so first we have to help get his voice back, and now we have to prevent from anyone finding out that he lost his voice. Well this day couldn't possibly get better,” said Lucas sarcastically. Out of nowhere a skateboarder pass through while holding coffee in his hand. The skateboarder then bumps with Lucas. Causing the coffee spilling all over Lucas pants. “ well I stand corrected. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to the nurse’s office,” said Lucas while heading to the nurse’s office. Everyone was laughing of course, except for me. “ You better hold that laugh in Mark,” said Maya. The the bell rang for first period. “Well i'm
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