Personal Narrative: The Lie Of Honesty

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Have you ever lied and then the lie got big and then bigger and the even bigger but then you're shocked at what it lead to? My this I believe is honesty and it all started about 2 to 3 month ago. It was just a normal regular day with me being all bored and just on my phone. I was on my phone when I get a text message from my cousin Katherine. Katherine asked if i wanted to hang out at the movies and just chill. I of course being my dumb self said “sure sounds fun”. I wanted to ask if I could go at first but I thought why not ask later but I knew they might just say no. Katherine said we should invite more people because then it would be more exciting. Duh I agreed so we planned for me, Katherine, Jefri, Franklin and Aldo to go to the movies. The three guys that Katherine invited were her best friends but Jefri was her cousin but I don't think he's my cousin. We had all the money and the movies ready and plus our ride was about to be litttt. Now it was time to ask permission so I went to my mom and asked. I asked my mom if me and my cousin Katherine could go to the movies but I had to lie that it was…show more content…
I get so scared because I didn't think this would happen I thought I had a plan. The police went looking for us everywhere like they knew where we went and where we could be. When they went to Jefri’s house we had nothing to do but tell the truth. The police heard everything we said and took everybody home and talked to everyone's parents. Oh but I knew I had it coming when I get home.
I lied about where i was going and who was going with me and most of all I snuck out. I lost my parents trust but I eventually earned it back. My mom took my phone away and made me work hard but I knew I deserved it. This is you should never lie about where you're going or who you're with because your parents just care about your safety. Don't lie just be honest things might not be so bad after. I believe in
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