Narrative Essay About Middle School

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After going to Charles Brant Chesney elementary school for five years, I was hesitant about moving on to middle school. To add to my list of things to be nervous about, my mom informed me that I would not be staying with my classmates because I was going to be attending Ivy Preparatory Academy. Ivy Prep was an all-girl charter school determined to turn girls into scholars. Not only did Ivy Prep turn me into a scholar, but also into a fan of books. I remember the details as if it happened yesterday. My language arts teacher, Mrs. Carrol, introduced herself to the class and listed out all of the material we were going to be reading over the year. Looking around the class, I wasn’t the only one who was not looking forward to it. Mrs. Carrol must have noticed all of the looks as well because she then went on a rant about how we were going to love reading by the end of the school year. I had nothing against reading, I just did not find it interesting. Leaving it to my teacher, my opinion would change soon enough. …show more content…

I had never heard or read of Greek mythology before then, but I was hooked. Riordan had a talent when it came to combining fiction stories with Greek mythology. I soon found myself staying up all night reading about how Percy, the main character, would get himself out of trouble. My mother, who couldn’t believe what she was seeing, would have to take the book away from me to force me to go to sleep. After finishing the book before anyone else, I went to Mrs. Carrol and vented about how frustrated I was that I would have to wait for the next series to come out. She giggled as I went on, and looked at me with such contempt because I now had a passion for

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