Essay On My Migration Experience

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My family’s life evolved in result of their migration experience, was bitter. My husband U.S. citizenship status disappeared as a kid to null even though he has served for eight years in the U.S. Navy did not mean anything. Because of the bitter experiences my husband rejection in the U.S. Passport, it was not easy for him trust anyone. If is anything related to immigrations, or any government agency, he tries to avoid having to deal with it. He said to me that, “America messed up.” I agreed with him because the U.S. looks good outside the country with justice and equality but look what they did to him. Basically, they left him strayed without no help. It’s perfect example how to define a great country. After we married, I thought he was…show more content…
was not easy. First, I started liking it when I came to for a vacation. It looked like everything was organized in States and under control, like the freeways. Everyone had the same educational rights, no matter what their economic status was. Until I experienced the headache waiting to be a resident until my husband status of his citizenship completed that caused and affected me living in the U.S. and could not go back to Indonesia. After I lived in LA for a couple of months, I saw a lot of things that I had not seen the first or second time. For example, in a restaurant there was a guy who asked me if I was a Filipino and I said “no,” but he kept telling me how he hated his supervisor in the military who was a Filipino. This white guy got angry at me because of a bad experience he had had in the military. I left him and said, “I am not Filipino.” He had projected his anger on me while I was by myself in a restaurant and had approached me rudely. It was a traumatic experience for me. He did not respect me either as a woman and an Asian. Since this experience, I was cautious around white people who seemed to act like him. Not all white people act like him, but I wanted to be careful not to get approached like that again. I observed there was racism and prejudice toward Indonesian people, and amongst Indonesian people in the US, and white people toward Asians and
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