Personal Narrative: How Miss Soar Changed My Life

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I was younger then, unsure of everything and constantly over analyzing my every move. I did not even know if I could trust my own thoughts, always cautious about what everyone else thought I was. Everywhere I looked I saw people with their entire lives put together like a puzzle, everything falling right into place without a care in the world. The day I was invited to volunteer at a camp was the day my life took a 180 turn, little did I know my life would never be the same again. Those next two weeks I would acquire the advice, support and stories I needed to change for the better. The woman, Miss Soar, was an individual of piety. She always wore the most elegant clothing, her striped pantsuits better than anyone in our town could afford to get. Miss Soar was older, with wisdom no amount of money could buy, only…show more content…
People could only imagine knowing Miss Soar on a personal level, yet here I was about to spend a full two weeks by her side in a classroom. Although I knew of Miss Soar, we never had a conversation, but that would soon change. Sitting at my study writing a shopping list my mother had asked for when I heard the doorbell ring followed by a brief conversation. It was Miss Soar! At dinner later that night my mother broke the new, “Honey, Miss Soar has requested your help at her camp this summer.” she said. I was in complete shock, not sure if I wanted to go I responded with “I’ll pass by her house tomorrow and tell her I’d like to help out. That was the end of it. First day of camp came and there were kids running around everywhere causing all types of ruckus, but I quickly adjusted. Then I noticed Miss Soar and she approached me “Hello, I’m so glad you are here! I can’t wait for these next two weeks.” “Hi Miss Soar! I’m happy I can help, this is going to be loads of fun.” I responded. She spoke with such composure, I wish I had that
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