Narrative Essay About Moving Away Analysis

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I am finally here in America. Although, I barely survived the 13 hours long flight from the Philippines to California. I am so tired. Whole of my body ached that my eyes felt so heavy. I could feel the motion of the airplane, like I am floating with the gravity in the sky. It was a memorable day in my life, also to my brother’s as well, as it remarks our very first long travel overseas. My mood is as perfect as the moonlight, calm and bright and the cool, refreshing breeze of spring air. As soon as we reached the waiting area, I was shocked and surprised when I saw the bright and cheerful smile of my mom running to hug me, then I hugged her back tightly that I can almost squeeze her. I missed her more when I am reunited with her again. It is not today that we are not going to be together.
It is one spring evening when my older
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We are now a family that lives in a friendly and peaceful village, parents with a perfect job for their determined and insightful personality, and my compassionate and compassionate brothers. Whenever the test results are out, I always report it to my parents. Whenever I got into a simple trouble or mistake, they will calmly talk to me, give me advice that it is a lesson for me to do better and be able avoid it next time, and that everything is going to be alright. Whenever they asked me to buy something, wanted me to cook food, to clean the house, to do their laundry, to ask for their permission before I leave the house, I always do and follow them. As a whole, we appreciate doing little things, such as greeting each other when one gets home; we laugh and smile together to keep up a positive mood in the house. Soon, I will pay them back until I can feel that I deserve their support to me. At the end of this road that I walk on with my mom, step-dad, brothers, and soon by myself. Whatever is there, I’ll take a

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