Narrative Essay About Moving In College

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August 14th, the day when it really hit me that I would be moving into college in one week. Up until that point I was really really excited! Although I was still excited the nerves started to kick in, I felt that I was not prepared to start a whole new chapter of my life and that there was still so many things that I needed to do, so honestly I started to panic a little bit, but that is just between me and you, no one else knew that I was stressing so bad. The Monday before move in day comes and now I realize that I seriously need to start getting ready, so finally I start packing everything in my room to make sure that I do not forget anything, but at the same time I have no clue what to pack seeing as this is my first time ever packing for college. The day finally gets here, move in day, all at the same time I am nervous, excited, sad and happy. I pack up my dad’s car and a trailer and also my boyfriend’s car, then we leave my house and we are on our way to my home for the next four years, as everyone calls it, I disagree and tell them that this is just my temporary home. Once we pull into the parking deck all of these people start to swarm my car with shopping carts, and I was really overwhelmed, but I was also really thankful that they did all of the work for us and we barely had to lift a…show more content…
I am also worried about finals week and just college tests in general, I know that the classes will be harder than they were in high school and I was never the best at taking tests and I get really bad anxiety when taking tests so that does really worry me. I was never really good at taking notes so I have had to learn to become a good note taker, so far it has been good. Studying for my college exams also worries me because I was never that good at studying and I am a
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