Narrative Essay About Moving To Canada

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I have had plenty of key events in my life. One of the most important was when I moved from India to Canada. As my dad earned a job in Canada our whole family needed move to India .The people and culture were so unique that I learned a lot about it. Experiencing the different society of people made me realize how diverse Canada is. Realizing the new country where I will spend the rest of my life made me feel overwhelmed. Moving to the opposite side of the world changed the way I viewed the world.
When my mother got a call from my dad, I could tell she was both excited and worried. He told my mom that we are all moving to Canada as he got a wonderful job there. First my mom was excited as it was her first time outside of India and she was also
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I studied a bit about Canada and knew that they have a maple leaf on their flag and even thought that is the only type of trees they would have there. When I finally reached to my destination in Calgary I was surprised by the amount of snow and how the weather was as I have never seen the snow or been in this much cold. It blew my mind that a country can be even colder than my freezer back home. I felt as I was in a totally different planet, even the trees were totally different then what I expected. The shape of the trees and the snow surrounding them made me feel as it was already…show more content…
As the months passed in elementary school I realized the clothes and food that my friends were eating was much different than mine. People made fun of the smell that came out of my food and I felt embarrassed to eat it with my friends. When I was back in India my friends would complement the food I brought but in Canada is the right opposite. My attitude towards my own food became negative and told my mother not to pack my lunch as I “did not feel hungry in school” . I felt as if what I grew up believing was not how the whole world lived. Seeing how different people eat and live helped open my mind to new
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