Narrative Essay About Moving To New City

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I’m Lauren. I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in a small town called Miniville. My family and I are going to be moving to New York city in two days. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. I’m going to miss this place with my friends that I’ve got to know so well throughout my life. The reason we are moving is because my dad got a promotion for a new job there. I’ve heard some things about New York. I’ve heard about how big the city is, the people, and the food. The one thing I haven’t heard about is the schools but, I know they are completely different from my school which only has about 200 students. I really have no idea what to expect with the school I’m transferring to but, hopefully I have nothing to worry about. The people will be nice there right? I’m kinda second guessing this move, not that I really have a choice but I like to make myself think that I do. The school I’m transferring to is named JJ High school.…show more content…
The play is today and I’m really excited. When everyone was getting ready for the play I could see the audience. The place was packed. The first person I noticed in the crowd was Shylise and her friends. I don’t trust her. I always feel like she’s going to do something suspicious and the look on her face gave off that vibe. I noticed a big cup of ice in her hand and I was so confused on why she had that. When everyone was finished getting ready, the announcer went in front of everyone to introduce the play. After that the play was going so well and I felt so confident on what I was doing but, then it got to the kissing scene. I was nervous and I’m pretty sure Austin was nervous also. Austin said his lines and I was laying on the “bed” with my lips puckered. Then, I will never forget this horrible thing that happened. When Austin went in for the kiss, Shylise took that cup of ice and threw all the ice at us. That was the most embarrassing thing ever. Everyone was laughing and we got teased about it all

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