My Birthday Narrative

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June 19th. I wake up with great excitement because I remember today is my birthday! As I roll out of bed I feel a pit in my stomach, today is my birthday.
“Oh no!” I groan. I put on my sweatshirt and my cell phone rings, it’s my mom trying to facetime me. I answer to see a very very close up image of my mom.
“Happy birthday Katie! How are you sweetie?”
I brush my hair out of my face, “Hey Mom, I’m doing well! Thanks for the birthday wishes,” Her face was still pressed against her screen, “Um Mom, try holding your phone a little farther away from your face”.
She adjusts her phone so I can see her whole face, “Oh is this better?”
“Ya, looks good mom” I say.
“So! 22 huh? I can’t believe my baby is all grown up! Are you going to the fair
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I am not looking forward to this. As I wait for the bus I imagine being on the ferris wheel. As we get higher and higher, I fall out to my death! “Ugh why am I doing this to myself.” I think to myself. The bus pulls up and I hop on and walk to the very back. After about a 15 minute bus ride, we arrive at the fair. I shudder as I see the ferris wheel in the distance. I hesitantly get up and get off of the bus and walk to the ticket booth. After I purchase my ticket, I head towards the ferris wheel. The closer I get, the faster my heart races and my breathing increases. I get into the line and wait.
Oh god, it’s my turn. I had the lady my ticket, “Enjoy!” she says.
“Ya, enjoy”, I think to myself. I get into an empty cart by myself, “I can do this, I can do this…” I whisper to myself.
“Is this seat taken? ...Um hi can I sit by you?” I was so caught up in trying to calm myself down that I didn’t notice this tall guy trying to talk to me. “What? Oh um ya. Ya go ahead.”, I say. He slides into the cart next to me, and I continue trying to keep myself calm. “Beautiful day right?” He says. “Ya, ya pretty nice. Okay just breathe you can do this…” I say as I grip the bar
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Tell me about your favorite ice cream!” Danny suggests.
“I don’t eat ice cream, lactose intolerant”.
“Okay, how about cake?”
“I don’t eat cake either, gluten allergy.”
“Wow, Okay. Um, favorite candy?”
“Reese 's peanut butter cups”
“Okay great we are gettin-“
“But I’m allergic to peanuts so I can’t eat them anymore.”
“Oh my god, okay so let’s not talk food anymore I’m getting hungry. How about your hobbies?” He says.
“Well I like to go to the beach, I love the sunsets over the water, cheesy I know.” I confess.
“No, that’s really nice.” Danny says.
“My family has a beach house on the coast and sometimes I just go out there to relax and breathe”. Suddenly we jolt and my heart stops again. Danny looks down again and the cart leans forward.
“Danny! Are you crazy? Don’t rock the cart! Do you want us to die?” I yell.
“Sorry! I’m just trying to see what’s going on.” he says. “How are you doing, you okay?” he asks me.
“Well I’m stuck 200 feet in the air next to a stranger, so no this kinda sucks.” I reply.
“Oh come on, it’s not so bad being stuck next to someone like you” he says somewhat shyly.
“Someone like
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