Narrative Essay About My Burning Child

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"My beautiful daughter. " My mother called me in a voice that will be hardly recognize by an ears. "Mama!!! " I called to her desperately while she was hugging me and protecting me to people who tries to hurt me.

I was waken up in the shaking of my teacher through my shoulder. The look in his eyes are full of worries and anxiety that make me shiver also at my thoughts.

"Are you okay, Elethea? " he asked me worriedly.

I just give him a smile and a nod so he can understand I 'm okay, even though I 'm not.

That dream in which my mother is holding me tightly in her arms, trying to protect me from the stabs of a sharp knife. She took all the wounds just to protect me and not to get wounded. It 's also so crystal clear in my mind how my father and my older brother get killed by a multiple stab in the chest and their stomach while my mother is holding me, running away trying to save me desperately but still she is also get killed because of me.

Being the sole survivor, surviving while my family gets murder it 's like my whole heart shattered into pieces. The memories of how I get save and how did I get out of our burning house is still unclear to me because of my trauma, but all I know I was save by some people outside of my father 's territory.

This carriage we are riding stop in front of a sophisticated, beautiful mansion which is surrounded by colorful flowers from different kinds. My teacher went down first, before he offer his hand so I can properly
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