Narrative Essay About My Father

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I am one of the lucky few who still have a father. When I use to live in New Jersey, a lot of my friends were raised by single moms or raised by their grandparents. Honestly, I was always scared that someday my parents might divorce ,but now that doesn 't seem like it 's gonna happen. Furthermore, my father is the engine of our family and the reason why our family is successful.
A Japanese native born in Kobe, Japan. He lived most of his life in Nagoya with his parent and younger brother. Having a western accent he struggled through elementary school with speaking and writing. But, by middle school, he excelled as a top student in his grade as he often took advanced classes or joined classes above him. As a result, he was accepted to one
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By his senior year in high school, he decided to follow his dad 's footstep and major in business and hope he can become a president of a big company. However, there were many obstacles he needed to go through in order to reach his goal. First was having to go to college in the states for business. Secondly, being able to speak English since he will be studying at a university in the USA. Thirdly, being able to pass the SAT and TOEFL tests to get into a good university. Eventually, he was accepted into The University of Colorado, where he studied English and business but, realized he didn 't really fit. Even though, Colorado wasn 't the best school for him, he met the love of his life. My father and mother started dating during my father 's freshman year while my mother was a junior. Eventually, my father was able to transfer to NYU to major in business as my mom finished her final year in Colorado. Although his time in Colorado was transient he was elated to meet my mother. From here on, my father was able to study business and by the following year, my mother chose to move into New York with my father. By his senior year at NYU, he was speaking almost fluent
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