Narrative Essay About My First Job

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When you first start your first job it can be nerve-wrecking, with me there was no exception. I was only fifteen at the time about to turn sixteen; when my mom came in my room and showed me a little paper with an url to apply for a Lagoon job. I was not doing anything besides reading a book because who doesn’t like reading so I decided to apply. Nervousness came rushing into my stomach but I did not think much of it since I didn’t even know if they were going to call me. Two days later, I received an email addressing to me to go for an interview and in that instance the nervous feeling came back quickly. I went and told my parents about it with excitement in their eyes knowing that it could be an opportunity for me to get rid of some of my timidity. As the days went closer to my interview my hands went sweatier, when it finally came I was shaking with fear wondering if I would mess up or not be able to answer…show more content…
I couldn’t believe it. I suddenly filled with Joy and was ready to start working. My job was to be in the food division, which was incredible since I love to cook. As soon as I saw my parents I told them that I got it and the next few days I was carefree. The trainings that I had to go to were not as fearful as the interview although I was still pretty agitated. The first day of my new job was actually right after the last training which was unexpected. All those feelings suddenly came blasting to my brain, stomach, and body all together. I was so nervous that when they put me in the register I was stuttering, I do not normally do that. That was not the shameful part though. But when I gave the customer back his change and I accidentally dropped it and it was not in his hands. From that moment I thought to myself; “how could I be so worried like this when everyone goes through this as well, it is not that big of a deal” After that incident I knew I had to

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