My Junior Year In High School

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Last year, my junior year, was exciting for me because back then I knew that I was literally one year away from being a senior, but I also faced some very difficult challenges. One of the biggest challenges that I had faced last year was being kicked out of my first high school, Villa Angela- St. Joseph, for reasons that I feft were not as serious as the things other people were doing, but in reality, it was not about anyone else, it was about me. I was in trouble. I had to accept and own up to the responsibility and consequences of my actions. Although I had some pretty hard setbacks, I did have great times as well. Some of the successes I had, before getting kicked out, were being able to make friends with two new teachers, that the school had hired, when the new school year had started. My American Government teacher was Mrs. Elizabeth Adkins and my CP English 3 teacher was Miss Robyn Spangler. Another success I had was making great grades and attending the rest of the time I had spent at the school with my boyfriend, Brandon Crawford.…show more content…
I am describing my junior year with the word tutorial because I look at it as a lesson that I did not have to study for, I just had to be ready to deal with anything harsh that was to ever be thrown at me or into my direction. From my junior year, I remember so many things such as being kicked out of my first high school and attending my second semester of my junior year at Euclid High School, making good grades, having a few friends with many laughs, trying to participate in events that the school would hold so that I could be more involved with the school staff as well the student body, helping out with the yearbook class, and having conversations, that will remain unforgettable, with the adults of Villa Angela- St. Joseph High
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