Personal Narrative: Randal Royal

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My name is Randal Royal and as the world was slipping away from me, I began to reminisce about my life. My grandparents raised me from the age of 3 after my parents had both died in an airplane crash on their way to a conference in New York City. My parents were both well respected and it was my mother that was going to speak at a biology conference as she was well respected and her research was into the genetics of the human body. My father was an accomplished civil engineer that had created many bridges, skyscrapers, and other various structures.

Well, as I was thinking about them, the newspaper clippings I remembered looking at of that disaster hit. “Airplane that was reportedly ‘all good’ crashes”. It seems that the pilots had complained about the plane, but were told that it was a minor inconvenience and told to continue on their way to the next stop. The plane lost power in its right engine after the engine caught fire
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As I grew up I liked gaining knowledge and because of that my peers considered me a genius. I was an introvert anyways, so them shying away from me didn’t hurt me much. My grandparents paid for a tutor for my desires to learn subject, which were engineering, biology, and philosophy. As school was so annoying to me, I ended up playing quite a bit of computer games and just using the Internet to learn as a past time. I guess this all led to me becoming a biomedical engineer or at least going to become a biomedical engineer, and as luck would have it I won’t even be able to pursue my passions in this lifetime. This brings me back to the point that a stray bullet that was shot from a bank robber, I guess this is the end of my junior year of university. It was better hitting me than the two children that are behind me, but it does hurt that I won’t be able to help any more
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