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My Mom
I believe in love at first sight, because I’ve loved my mom since I opened my eyes. My mom’s name is Maria. My mom grew up as the oldest of five kids. She pretty much had the label of being the wild child out of her sisters and brother because of having her first kid at the age of fourteen and a half, and ever since then she has been by herself holding down our family on her own. So you can say my mom had to grow up quick, and surprisingly not once ever quit on the job of being a mom. My mom, the best example I could ever have in this life. My mom’s life really fascinates me, so I’m going to explain the growing up my mom had to go through in her child hood. The journey my mom had of having kids of her own. Then lastly where she currently stands to this day.
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So she did what her mom did but at an earlier age for a longer amount of time. She had to be the example of her brothers and sisters since she was the oldest out of five others. Starting at around the age of ten when my grandma went to work in the fields, she had to watch her siblings on an everyday basis. By herself she held down the job of being in charge at her home from early morning until the later afternoon. She had to make sure throughout the day all the house duties were taken care of. This means the yard work, cooking, cleaning, etc., she also had to make sure her and her sibling made it to school every day. This gave her good work ethic skills for later on in life. So she didn’t grow up having the best childhood as some others, but that could only make her more of a strong character. She pretty much had to be the parent at an early even before she even had kids of her
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