Narrative Essay About My Swim Experience

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The first day of swim practice, freshman year. The first day of walking onto a pool deck filled with seventy girls and a scary coach. The first day of my high school experience. The first day of an unbreakable friendship. I slid into the frigid water of the Salem High School pool with two other girls that day. One was chatty, friendly, funny; the other: quieter, more reserved. As the season went on, my teammates and I got to know each other, and our lane of three became a fun-filled group of five friends. There was one girl, though, that I connected with more than the rest, the one from whom I would become inseparable over the next three years. Alaina and I, we joked, were practically the same person. We both loved reading, both played…show more content…
When sophomore year rolled around, we both decided to enroll in what was rumored to be the most challenging class at PCEP: APUSH. Through the endless pages to outline, terms to define, and essays to write, we only became closer. On the weekends when we could, we would study together, and when we couldn’t, we would call each other to talk about our classwork instead. When one of us had a question the other couldn’t answer, we would send a joint email to the teacher, Mr. Mui. By the end of the year, he copied both of us on his responses without us asking. As sophomore year and APUSH drew to a close, we emerged even greater companions than…show more content…
That Saturday morning I was scheduled to take the ACT, but I there were other matters on my mind: namely, Alaina. Ever since I had started dating Josh, she had become a bit jealous, for lack of a better word. She would get upset when I made time for Josh and then couldn’t for her, and she let me know it. That Friday, I had mentioned in passing having plans to see him over the weekend, which she did not hesitate to tell me was an irresponsible use of time, considering finals were the following week. After taking the test that Saturday morning, I sat in my car and cried. And cried and cried and

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