Personal Narrative: A Girl With My Best Friend

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A girl is leaving a teenage dream with her best friend but things have changed no one speaks to her and her best friend staring at her, but her best friend has something to tell her which could change everything. Why it's always there when I come back from school? It's like it follow's me home. I feel like I'm constantly being staked in my own home, they say stuff like this is insane, not natural and strange. Well this has been my natural life for two long months now. Every day I'll wake up and nothing it's like it's gone everything that scare me and haunts me, just empty, totally disappeared. So I have this friend called Sam, I tell her everything, well everything except me being crazy. Sam came up to me as always. She isn't like most girl's she's totally funny, short brown hair, wears cartoon characters quite stylish if I must admit, she is a person to tell all my treasures to all but one. Sam has starting to seem different maybe she's noticing something, something out the ordinary about me . Well I couldn't blame her she's my best friend, but I don't like hiding something from her, how would I explain it? Do I say oh Sam I'm being stalked after school at my own home? Anything I say would make me completely and utterly bizarre. What if she decides she doesn't want me as a friend anymore? These entire questions are gathering up inside my mind waiting to set free and explode my brain. I'm lost in my own body and can't free myself.…show more content…
How on earth she can say I'm not real? Of course I'm real, I thought she meant to be there for me like friends are, not brutal stab me in the back or in this case my heart! I feel like exploding, Shouting at her, but I couldn't find the words inside me. Wait a minute why she isn't talking to me? She just can't leave me after what she said. I have never been so angry on myself for being angry with my best friend. I'll scream to her if I have to, I'm ready now I want to know why.Why she thought of me like
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