Narrative Essay About Older Men

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I’ve always dated older men. I thought I was cool, and they made me feel loved. Older men had everything I always wanted and needed. They had houses, money, and life experiences I didn’t want to learn the hard way. It wasn’t until two weeks after my eighteenth birthday that I realized older guys could be a young girl’s worst nightmare. My experience with a man I met November 2013 taught me how to love, respect myself and be strong minded.
November 2013 marked a five month journey in what I call my biggest mistake. Meeting Zayne was like living in a dream. He was the most interesting man I ever met. We used sit in his nice little Nissan Altima, and talk for hours. I thought he was a man who found purpose in life. His gentle ways made me feel safe. I thought I finally found the man for me, but I was wrong.
After discovering his secrets; our relationship quickly turned into unsettling monster. Zayne was pimp and his kind gentle ways a set up. He spent months gaining my trust so he could manipulate me into doing what he wanted. When I said no to his scheme he turned violent. A couple black eyes later I finally agreed to give away something I held so close me. Pride and dignity didn’t exist to me anymore.
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Zayne wasn’t an easy person to get rid of. Holding onto my feelings for him drove me crazy. I’d find myself wanting to be near him at times and others I wanted to be a million miles away. April 2014 a friend asked to help him out by letting one their friends stay with me while they were in town. This was the beginning of my freedom. Zayne took a liking to my newly found house guest. She was a young Caucasian girl, with no boundaries. Something seemed fishy about her so I looked into her background. My discovery was amazing. She was sixteen, a runaway, and came from Nebraska. Fearing for her safety I called the police. Wanting what was best for her helped
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