Personal Narrative: The Path Not Taken

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I thought that my life was perfect, I never once thought that things would change. David was wearing a baggy t-shirt, shorts, and some white tennis shoes. While I had my hair curled, and I was wearing my favorite dress with some sandals. David and I started to walk down the path, as we always did. The path has always been so peaceful and beautiful. This path has had so many wonderful memories. It’s always been so brightly lit, with such green trees, and millions of beautiful flowers. We usually walked this path for hours, but today something felt different. We usually loved to hold each other’s hand while we walked along the path. For the most part of today’s journey we did, but he suddenly let go of my hand and I was in complete, utter shock. “Why did you let go of my hand?” I asked. “Why do you even care? We’re always holding hands, I feel like we should walk apart.” I was in complete dismay because little did he know he let me go when I needed him the most. We were on the path for about an hour now and suddenly this path that we were walking on looked completely different. The entire path became…show more content…
Right after I closed the door, David finally caught up. I realized that I was no longer happy with him and that if I was going back then I was going back to a life I was no longer alive in so I decided which door we were going in. He had no idea what was behind the doors, and I only knew what was behind one, so I told him that we should go through the door that said: “Path Previously
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