Narrative Essay About Playing Basketball

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Did you know every human body has 206 bones? Instead of having 206 bones, I have 206 ½ now. This is definitely a story I was never going forget about, with all the pain, tears, and laughs involved. In P.E. one day in 8th grade, for our unit we played basketball. We got all warmed up and ready to play but first we had to go through the instructions. I thought I would volunteer to help out the teacher, and show other people what to do and how to play. A few of us showed them how to pick spots on the court, some moves to do, and how to play. One other person and I showed them how to guard the player with the ball. My job was to make sure they did not get the ball in the hoop. After we shown people how to play and the rules, we had to pick our teams along with what court we wanted to be on. I was chosen to play with some kids that had no idea what they were doing and one other girl. Her name was Marissa. Marissa was in basketball since she was a little girl and she’s very competitive. She also is really nice, caring and shows respect to others.…show more content…
We were in the middle of a basketball game when Marissa threw me the ball. I tried catching the ball, but instead of catching the ball, it hit the tip of my middle finger. All at once, I feel my finger slowly but painfully collide will the ball. My eyes started to water and I was standing right in the middle of the court where everyone could see me. I felt so embarrassed because I thought everyone was looking at me. “I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Marissa said with a crack in her voice, but I did not respond. As I walked away, I had tears running down my cheeks, tears in my eyes and I was holding my finger. I went to the P.E. teacher and asked her if I could go to the nurse, she asked me if I was okay instead of writing me a pass right away. Then painfully I told her what had happened and then she wrote me a
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