Reflective Essay: Why I Play Football

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I play football because my family grew up playing it all of my uncles and my dad and my brother and I was also just really good at it because everyone has taught me from a very young age.The main to people who taught me everything were my dad and brother which were both really good at football. When I got to the field that day, it felt like a normal practice. We started off with warm-ups, and then ran the basic drills, like running through the pads. Towards the middle of practice all the positions met up and we did a team scrimmage. I was playing running back, and around the tenth play I ran the ball right up the middle and Nathan was standing at the linebacker position. He’s a lot smaller than me, so I thought I could just run through him. …show more content…

One day I was with my family at the park and I tried lifting my leg on to our car to tie my shoe and I couldn't lift my leg so I told my mom and she said “We can go to the hospital and see whats wrong because you shouldn't be having problems still.” We went to the hospital and had to wait two hours to see a doctor then eventually one came and got us. We went into a room and he asked what was wrong so I told him then he walked out of the room and came back about 5 minutes later to take me into another room to take an x-ray.I took the x-ray pictures then went back to my room and we waited for about 20 more minutes then he came back into my room again and told me that my pelvic bone was broken and that I won't be able to play football this season also i'll have have to be on crutches until it heals so about 4 months. He also said if I don't use the crutches that my bone could slip and I would need surgery or have a limp for the rest of my life. I was really shocked when he said all of this because I would have never thought it was this bad and I was also upset because I had to miss a whole season because games haven't even started

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