Narrative Essay About Poverty

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A hundred years ago there was a boy who 's name was Poverty. Poverty was born in the beautiful land of Albania to a peasant named Ramiz, who worked for the king. Every evening after completing his homework Poverty use to draw designs for the King 's wife Zaine. She use to love his designs and would get them printed on her clothes. The money Poverty and his father use to earn was not enough to survive but they had to compromise and not eat or wear anything they wanted. One night while Poverty was sleeping, he heard a insistent noise which caused him to wake up. As he stood up he saw a man standing in the gelid weather outside of his house. As walked towards the door to open it he felt afraid but he had to help the man. When he unlocked the door, the man grabbed Poverty from his shirt 's collar and dragged him into the forest behind his house .Twenty minutes later after Poverty fainted, he woke up and discovered the man standing . His frightening voice scared Poverty and thought he will die but the man told him to run back to his house and get him a generous amount of food enough to survive for a week. After Poverty heard what he said, he ran back home and placed any food he can find in the kitchen into his backpack and ran back to the man. When he approached the place where the man was he saw that the mysterious man was laying down. He woke up after hearing Poverty and took the food from the bag and started to eat rapidly. As he was eating he explained to Poverty that he
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