How To Write A Narrative Essay About My First Day In High School

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“It’s all over. School is beginning today and I’m not ready for it.” I said as I rolled out of bed to get up and go take my shower. After my shower I then came back to my room and just wanted to hop back in my bed because I am exhausted. I then went downstairs and eat breakfast and then waited for Kaleb Merritt to come pick me up for zero hour. Walking out to his truck it was the first time I was ever cold in a while and I grabbed his door handle to open the door and it was wet from the dew that was on it. That whole car ride to the school we talked about how it doesn’t even seem real that school is starting back up. When we got to school we walked into the boy's locker room put our stuff in our lockers then walked to the weight room. Walking…show more content…
During the class there wasn’t much lifting going on just everyone was talking about their summer or how they didn’t want school to start up already. Once that class ended I realized that real school was starting and I got excited to see my friends. After zero hour I walked around the halls to find my friends. Once I found my friends we all just talked about summer and compared our schedules to see what classes we had together. We were all having a good time catching up with each other, but then the first bell rang. The depression and nervousness of school started setting into me as I walked to government and law with my friends that have that class the same hour as me. As class started I wasn't nervous or depressed any more, I was actually happy school was starting back up. During first hour we played a game and I got elected to be the sergeant of arms. I was not happy about that because I had to stand by the door the whole time and I just got done from lifting. After the bell rang for second hour I walked to the boys locker room with my friends that were lifting this hour because I got lucky and I am now a TA for Mr. Charlton. After this point I wasn’t really nervous at all. After helping everyone
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