Narrative Essay About Religion In Colonial America

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I have been going to church every Sunday I’ve been here, because they use the same punishment for skipping. These bloody copy cats use the exact same public embarrassment as we do. Another aspect that they copy about us is telling little children that if they didn’t go to church they would drown. They’re life is practically the same as ours. What is the point of starting a new life if it’s the same as your old one! One of the things that I do like about these colonies is that they really do seem enthusiastic about religion. I’ve asked them why and they said because of this movement called the “Great Awakening” where preachers would travel from town to town having outdoor revival meetings.
One thing that I have noticed is that they have lots of slaves, and they are all African American. I have been reading the newspaper lately, and there are lots of ads about selling slaves, and about runaway slaves. I asked people from other colonies, and they said that they had slaves in every single colony since 1700. I understand why they need slaves considering the amount of plantations they have down here
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Of course the rich children will have tutors, but average children only learn how to read. This of course is so they can read the bible in the fine English language that we have created. One good thing I’ve heard though is that in the Northern colonies they do provide public education. One reason I think public education isn’t common in the other colonies is difference of religion. Obviously we don’t have this problem, but these colonies are so desperate to grow that they’ll accept almost anyone. When the next generation of people here grow up to be dimwits don’t be
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