Graduation Speech: My Pyramid Of Success

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When I was in elementary school, you could say sports were not exactly my forte. I never even came close to going to the Jr. Olympics. Although, when the applications for junior high sports were sent out, my dad suggested I run cross country. I thought he was crazy and people that ran cross country were crazy. However, he somehow talked me into running. I can still remember my first practice that summer, I was beyond nervous because I did not know anyone. The girls on the team were so welcoming as I ran my first three miles on Roaring Run Trail. After that day, I knew cross country was the sport for me, but I of course did not admit that to my dad right away. Now thousands of miles later, I have finished my fourth season of cross country and my fourth season of track is just beginning. I will wholeheartedly admit deciding to run has been one of the best decisions of my entire life, who knew your parents could be so right. My experience has been so much more than learning to be a better runner. The number of times I have heard Mr. Berzonsky speak about character or the pyramid of success is too many…show more content…
Next year, I will be attending Carnegie Mellon University. There will be no easy classes and there will probably be days where I think the work is too hard or too much. However, I know to quickly shut down those negative thoughts. I will persevere through the struggles similar to cross country. In races there are no hills too big, just as there are no calculus problems too difficult. Preserving will allow me to reach my highest possible academic opportunities. It will not be easy, but I am used to things not being easy. The lessons will carry on even after college. I am pursuing a chemical engineering degree which is a predominantly male field. That means I will have to depend on the other women around me to be my support and to also support them. Team spirit is not just for
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