Narrative Essay About Sandusky Game

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Sandusky Rumble: June 29th 2013, a day I’ll always remember. It was a day quite like no other. 99 degrees, 80% humidity. Now you may think I’m describing Phoenix Arizona, think again. For Sandusky Ohio, it was the hottest day recorded in the past ten years. At the time I was ten years old and my lacrosse team, Black Swamp had been dispatched into the championship game. If we won, a trip to Florida for the World Lacrosse Championship games were evident (ironically Sandusky Ohio was hotter than Miami Florida on June 29th, ironic). At the time I was someone who came of the bench, it was my first year playing travel lacrosse and had only begun playing the sublime sport sixth months prior. Attack was my position the first year I played, my objective…show more content…
I’d consider a score of thirteen to one a butt-kicking, especially coming against one of the proudest travel teams in all of Ohio. With a record of three wins and no losses, our hopes were high. That night we went back to hotel we stayed at and had one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. To this day I still remember it fondly. Buffalo Wild Wings with friends then staying up until twelve-thirty running around the hotel playing tag probably wasn’t the right thing to do eight hours before our next game, but it was enjoyable and luckily for us it didn’t bite us in the butt. Waking up at seven-thirty isn’t normally considered second-rate, but when you’ve stayed up until past dawn the only thing you crave is more sleep. At first I could barely open my eyes, the moment I did, I immediately regretted my decision. The sun had already risen and just so happened to be right in my direction, how pleasant? Our first game that today (one of five) game against the second worst team in the U11 age division. The Redhawks were considered laughing stocks, until they played us. With four minutes, thirty three seconds to go, the score was tied at thirteen a piece. Now my coach, Von Sigler, was never one to put me in on what was considered “crunch-time”, however this
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