Narrative Essay About School Trip

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Camp Bernie. Three full days of camping, activities, and craziness in the heat of the sun. Three days away from home. Three days of quite a few memorable moments. Camp Bernie was the 7th grade school trip that I had to go on. At first, I did not want to go at all, but some motivation from my parents and some thoughts about just ‘going for it’ brought me to go on the trip. And, honestly, I’m still not sure about my decision. Whatever my thoughts on the trip, I still went and it happened. And I have to say there were some memories made there. After a long wait in the bus ride, there it was, a sign that read “YMCA Camp Bernie”. We had finally arrived. The first few moments at camp were calm and simple: We got off the bus, gathered everyone, went into the main camp spot for a little introduction. The workers had told about being split off intro groups, participating in the activities, and the schedules concerning lunch and when we would get to our cabins. Eventually, we all had gathered for our first activity; a game of tag and rock-paper-scissors (with a twist). Soon after, we had to get our supplies and finally go into our cabins. Since I’m a male, I had to go to the Boy’s Cabin. We set our stuff down and got ready to go off into our groups and begin the fun activities. My group and I went through…show more content…
I was excited to go rafting because I thought I would be able to cool off, which I definitely did. I sadly had to wait for an entire lesson about rafting and how to tie knots before being able to do anything. It was finally time to choose out teammates and begin building our raft. Once I had a team formed, one of my teammates were called off to not participate during the activity for behavior, so that left me with only two other teammates. No biggie. The activity itself was actually a race between the groups on the raft, so the commotion between my team had delayed
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