Personal Narrative: Senior Year In High School

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Boom Senior year has only yet to begin. Senior year is finally here! Everyone has lived for the moment of starting and ending senior year. It’s the last year we have the opportunity to be with everyone and the last year to live as children before real adulthood comes. At the beginning of the school year I knew this was my year to live my life to the fullest… then BOOM! All I could see was red and blue flashing lights. I kept smelling something foul. Nothing like anything I have ever smelled before. I was feeling unbearable pain all over my body. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t convince a single tear to run down my face. I wanted this all be to dream… boom! The day of August 22, 2017, only 12 days after starting senior year, started off like…show more content…
The cop was not where he needed to be. I was accustomed to seeing him direct traffic when we drove out of school. As I was driving away I saw him in the trunk of his vehicle getting what he needed. I turned out onto coal mine road looking in my side mirror to watch the cop walk to his designated spot. He made it! I look up to see red taillights and a green car. I smashed the breaks unbelievable hard that I felt like my foot was going through the bottom of the car. My arms outstretched to the steering wheel. My mind going blank. My eyes closed. BOOM! This was nothing like the movies. My life didn't flash before my eyes, and they never teach you what it feels like. I lift my head off the steering wheel with insane pain to my left arm. It’s extremely red and beating with pain. I could see my arm swelling. My eyes were fuzzy at first, but my focus came back. My car hit another car! This disgusting odor was coming from my car. The horn was going off and wouldn’t stop! That horn was getting louder and louder. My surroundings were closing in on me. My emotions were overflowing, but I couldn’t push one tear out. This was supposed to never happen. What happened to me being a spectacular driver? What happened to being a free teen with nothing to lose? What happened to my invincibility? The answer is it was never
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