I Love Sports Cards

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When I was about ten-years-old me and my best friend loved sports cards. We both had extensive collections of baseball and basketball cards and many other types of cards. We would trade them and until each of us had all our favorite players. These collections were hard to put together because as ten-year-old’s we did not have any sort of income. All the money we had was either given to us or we earned by doing odds jobs. We would save up all the money we could get our hands on and on very special occasion we would head down to Walgreens and if we were lucky we could each afford about three packs each. I cannot remember how many summers we spent on those cards but there is one event that sticks out to me more than the rest. We had made our regular trip to the Walgreens and upon arriving at the counter I realized that I would not be able to get the cards that I wanted that day.…show more content…
He obliged and sent us on our way. Upon making our way back into the parking lot I reached down in the shopping bag to see if I had gotten any special players and to my surprise in the bag was all three packs of cards. In that moment I had a decision to make. Before making that decision, I showed my friend what had happened, and he proclaimed that I must be lucky to be able to get two free packs. In that moment all I felt was like I had done something wrong. Even though it was the cashier who had made the mistake I felt like I was the one being punished by my own emotions. So, against my better judgement and the council of my friend I turned around and informed that he must have mistakenly placed the card packs in my bag and then I left the
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