Essay About Joining Sports

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Alexis is my name and sports are not my game. I am a non athletic, unsocial, unfriendly and distrustworthy person. Not many people like me and I do not know why, since some of the people, I hardly talk to! I want to become closer to these people so that all the people would not hate me and they would actually see who I am. I was tired of getting judged for rumors that people make up! Hardly any of the people that wanted to get closer to hardly even talked to me and when they did they only bullied me. That was not the only way that I could talk to them though! The only other way that I could think of doing to get closer to them would be to join a sports team. I thought about this for a while, but I did not know what sport to join. I went right to my ipad and looked at the school website so that could see what sports were open at this time of year. Although not many sports were in season at this time of year. The only two that were open for me to join through the school were…show more content…
Did I actually just say that? Was I going to actually be in a sport? I guess that since I was going to join a sport, I thought about all the good and bad things. The bad part was that there was one problem, it was the day before tryouts. How was I going to buy all the gear and make sure that I knew how to do everything in less than twenty-four hours? This was going to be very hard but I want this! I had a goal and I was going to carry out that goal. This day to me was also known as the day that everything would go wrong. I guess that I just did not have an intense positive attitude towards this. I thought that I could maybe do this. I thought about this way too much. It was starting to become late and I needed to start preparing to retrieve some good sleep to have a successful tryout day tomorrow. Laying in bed, trying to fall asleep all I could think about was the tryout and if I was going to do good or bad. I was trying to think
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