Narrative Essay About Spring Break

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I would love to say that this Spring Break I went skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, or that I rode two point seven seconds on a bull name Fu Man Chu but I am not Tim McGraw and did not do any of those things. I went to Austin, TX, more widely known as the Capitol. I went to Austin for golf. Most people would say that wasting valuable time off to drive long hours just to play golf is crazy, but luckily I am not most people and most people are not me. I went to the Capitol for five days and yes I played golf every one of those days. The first day my father and I drove down from our home in Dallas, but instead of going straight to the hotel I had to sit in on one of his business meetings. To be honest it was not as bad as I expected it. It took about an hour and then I had to shake everyone’s hand and sit up real tall as my dad advised me. After the meeting we drove down to the resort which was about 45 minutes away. We got checked in and did all those things and then we headed straight for the golf course. It was late so we could only play nine holes but it was…show more content…
I started horrible and was three over par in my first three holes. I shot a front nine score of 40 and I started the back nine with a chip on my shoulder to go low. I played well on the back and shot a 34 adding up to a total score of 74. I could have done a bit better but I had a chance to be top five and that was my goal. I got 6th place in the tournament and was not happy but I gained experience and never gave up. My father and I drove back to Dallas and were greeted by the rest of my family who were all over the country and some in different countries.
My Spring Break was fun because I got to spend five days with my dad and we did what we both love to do. I was upset that I did not win but you can’t always win and you have to learn how to lose and be a good loser. Spring Break 2018 was one for the record
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